Company:Collisions have been very fortunate to work with proficient and talented graphic designers, photographers, press and marketing officers. As registered members of the ITC and A&B Company:Collisions understand the importance of good management and business sense in the non-lucrative world of small-mid-scale theatre. The main focus of this workshop will be on the importance of communication, networking and working within a small budget. Though this workshop is of particular use to students who are intending to produce their own work it is also useful for those who wish to work for other companies, as an understanding of how companies are run and good self- promotion are always a good thing.

‘People management’ is often the crux point of where most companies succeed or fail. Presenting the pressures which most new companies face the workshop will present fun exercises to practice communication skills whilst under pressure. This part of the workshop will also look at the importance of Time Management and Delegation.

Beginning with company image, including such things as logos and company profile, this part of the workshop is concerned with seeing what supports the artistic work as a product. The students will be advised in how to put together a press pack and how and when to approach the press. The importance of image in publicity shoots and posters and flyers will be addressed; sample flyers and photographs will be presented for the students to discuss.

The importance of language, research and yearly planning are the main focus for these issues. The discussion will be address how to fundraise, the costs involved and how to keep those costs to a minimum. Sponsorship, both regional and national will be discussed in the context of which type of businesses a particular company should approach and in which way. With a brief introduction to the funding systems the students will be made aware of what grants are available and what credentials their companies’ would need to increase their chances of a successful application. The students will receive sample applications and the importance of the use of language will be discussed here.

With the emphasis on ‘selling’ the students will have a chance to practice phone techniques and approaches to networking. The students will be given details of who to contact for support with touring and how and when to put together a venue pack. At this point there will be a brief discussion on the pros- and -cons of taking a show to the Edinburgh Festival. Once the tour is sold there is much administration and organization and PR to maintain. Students will be made aware of the costs, the joys and the perils of small-midscale touring.

Although the above workshop emphasises the huge workload that is needed to maintain an efficient and successful company, the workshop will be informative and present positive ways of approaching and dealing with the work.
The workshop will give students a clear and encouraging idea of how best to take their artistic work to the public arena.