'A memorable power piece…' The Stage
Company:Collisions’ Frankenstein is true to the spirit of Mary Shelley’s relentless narrative, with sublime visual montages and gothic imagery.  As in the purest nightmare, scenes slide into each other, while the cast nimbly switch roles from ensemble theatre to the characters of the story.

In structure and pace, the production mirrors the fictional doctor’s mutant creation: just as the Monster is constructed from a jumble of body parts, so Frankenstein juxtaposes extremes, pitting precise physical theatre against raw, muscular narrative.

But, while the spirit of Romanticism inspires the show, Frankenstein is by no means stuck in the 19th Century and has been dubbed ‘uncannily apt for our times.’ Collisions believe Mary Shelley’s prophetic genius speaks directly to modern audiences, bringing insights to issues as diverse as genetic manipulation and cloning.

Building on this enduring relevance, the production is designed to escape the constraints of period, place and gender.  Swathed in startling costumes, characters appear in timeless sets, where fear echoes in shadows rather than special effects.

And, because the author’s own tragic experiences of child-birth are said to have spawned her hideous brain-child, Mary Shelley is present on stage, interacting with her characters.

Operating on a host of levels, the production explores Mary Shelley’s sub-conscious impulses in a breathless rampage of a production.

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