3 x Minidisks (preferably) if not then CD Players are fine
Mixing Desk
A stage black (to be fixed to the back of the set to create an on-stage back-stage area). A flat may also be acceptable.
A leg at Up-Stage Right
A lighting plan should be with you in due course

If you have a choice of seating arrangements then we require the Proscenium Arch layout.
The show has a scaffold set, and is very technical as early a get-in as possible is required.  Please call me in respect of this.
There is some use of water on-stage:
3 x in buckets (some of this does land on the stage through the throwing of wet hair
Hose with pressure sprayer reservoir & hose diffuser, to create a pressure/gravity fed rain effect (this will be in the rigging at Down Centre Stage, as far downstage as possible, to avoid on-set lighting). The rain is only about 2 cups worth & usually only covers an area of about 2 feet.
Please Note, A test run of this will be shown to allay any worries.
Soil also appears on-stage during the show. This does, to some extent, get mixed with the water. As a result we also need access to:

Mop & Bucket
Dust-pan & Brush

If you need to contact me donít hesitate to call: 07866 941738

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