Commissioned by Zap Art and The Arts Council of England
Adapted from the company’s indoor production La Petite Mort - which sold out at London International Mime Festival 2003 - this piece stays true to the original work by Hans Christian Andersen.

In brief, the original story tells of a young mermaid who yearns for the world above the sea. Her wish is fulfilled and in the overland she falls in love. As a human, there is one crucial proviso: her mortality depends on her love being requited. Tragically it is not and the little mermaid’s soul is carried away by the spirits of the air.

Using a large wooden tripod frame with a huge billowing sheet as a backdrop, taking on the form of the mermaid's rock, the rigging of a galleon, a church alter & more.

Both the comedy and tragedy of the tale are performed without words by four, skilled female performers. A touching tale of love, innocence and loss, choreographed and performed with mesmerising movement and dance.

With beautiful costumes and sound, including original music for the piece, this half- hour static show will capture the hearts of adults and children alike with its humour and charm.