Nothing Left to Lose

Press Release

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"Company:Collisions knows how to cast a spell and the audience is happy to fall under it." The Stage

In the fearful moments between explosions, a band of battered dolls rises from the wreckage…

Defying defeat they fight for their homeland, forming a resistance against their enemy, armed with little more than sticks and stones.

An eruption of madness, joy, grief and innocence. At the moment when all seems lost they celebrate their final moments together with song and dance.

This delicate tale of a community thrown together through war and absurdity, is brought to you with a sensual fusion inspired by eastern physical theatre,  folk dance, clown, puppetry, and acappella singing.

Tracing the dolls’ brave, futile journey from rebellion to extinction, the creators of Frankenstein, La Petite Mort, Medea and Mary hit it again with Nothing Left To Lose.

An ensemble of seven performers, which includes dancers, singers, clowns and actors deliver this high energy, physical production which bristles with startling visuals, bold choreography and original music.  Playful and impassioned in equal measure, Nothing Left To Lose celebrates the enduring spirit of resistance through the ages.