This production is imaginative in expression and bold in execution. A theatrical requiem for innocent souls
Commissioned by Zap Art for The Streets of Brighton

The Constant Tin Soldier

A devised work of physical theatre inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tragic tale of the love between a tin soldier and a paper ballerina.

Set in the fearful minutes between air raids, a group of abandoned dolls - armed only with wooden spoons, rolling pins and a giant matchstick – spark a revolution.

Marching into oblivion, they face their final moments together.

A piece about dolls, fate, laughter in the face of disaster and joy in each precious, living moment.

Directed by Tanushka Marah (Winner of one of the Young Vic Young Director Awards 2002) this scintillating production bristles with stunning costumes, special effects and original music from award-winning composer Jules Deering ( Winner of The Stockhausen Award for Composition).

This passionate and colourful story is told through movement, dance, clown and fire.

Performed to over 1000 people at the Streets of Brighton Festival 2003 it had audiences laughing and crying in the rain.
VHS copies of this production are available on request.