This production is designed to be performed at night .
Details of what is listed below are variable and can be discussed nearer the time.

  • One stage
  • Two smoke machines
  • Stage lighting and desk
  • Sound system (generator)
PA requirements + 2cd players/ mini disc players + mixing desk
Stage plan
available on request

Lighting plan

available on request
Minimum 12 channels dimming

Own technician professional lighting technician
Overall construction space 10 metres
Height MIN 5 metres MAX 8 metres
Width MIN 10 metres MAX 15 metres
Depth MIN 6 metres MAX 10 metres
Load bearing  

+ overhead platform (possibly)
Performance space required MIN as above MAX
Distance required from the audience MIN 3 metres MAX
Surface restrictions
(i.e. can’t work on carpet)
Can’t work on any flammable surface